American Caste

see krugman here

capital-biased technologies, and the fate of the american workforce….

sorry, motherfuckers, welcome to the American Caste.  call me an American Serfer.  the serf-like of which not seen for, wow, how many hundreds of years?

(how many minimum wage jobs replaced by a single $25,000 self-checkout machine?  simple, right.  one person manning 6 has been my experience – managing it seems just about every transaction.  thats just retail. secret substance will always be built on (our?) shores i suspect  but no longer the broader consumer shit.  oh well.)

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career paths diverge

See Cal Newport here

To other young people who constantly wonder if the grass might be greener on the other side of the occupational fence, I offer this advice: Passion is not something you follow. It’s something that will follow you as you put in the hard work to become valuable to the world.

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reader appology

sorry to those who might be reading.

as time passes, my feeling grows stronger that what i begin each waking day with, my operable consciousness, is not simply determined by the cells, and the chemistry and physics that models them in my brain and the previous day’s experiences.

i really feel that there may be other influences.  maybe a guiding hand.  or at least a nother source of experience.

i would consciously force my way into the not-conscious on a regular basis, but to be honest the prospect leaves me a bit worried…

i believe that the not-conscious is a realm that is occupied every night by every living being with a brain. very little it seems consciously to me seeps into morning consciousness from a night’s dreaming, even less can be recalled about my dreams at the end of any given day.  i suggest that the not-conscious takes a center stage whenever consciousness takes a nap.  i feel that the ancient body systems are carried along by the not-conscious mind.

it seems to me that the not-conscious mind never naps so long as there is a heartbeat.


if the heart is beating, then the brain is aware.  what else produces the heartbeat??

what else is it aware of of is the mystery to me,  or influenced by??

ive been consciously beyond that bizarre threshold.  im a bit scared because the balance seems so delicate.  the deep mammalian of me has so far prevailed and as such ive been redeemed upon waking.  i love those around me too much to risk dis-influence and/or disappearance to want to continue to explore.  (i guess im afraid of the choice).

i think i might lean towards the blue pill.  my individual disruption i believe risks a more whole disruption.

it has been made clear to me i think that the perpetuation of the human race is dependent upon the continuation of the separation of awake and asleep consciousnesses.  the conscious and not-conscious.

does the previous arise from the former?  is the big mystery to me.

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pumped up kicks

robert’s got a quick hand.

he’s looking round the room,

he won’t tell you his plan.

he’s got rolled cigarette

hanging out his mouth,

he’s a cowboy kid, Yeah!

he’s found a six-shooter gun, in his dads closet with the box of fun things –

i don’t even know what.  but he’s coming for you.

Yeah!  he’s coming for you.

daddy works a long day.  he’s bringing me a surprise-

dinner’s in the kitchen and its packed in ice..

waited for a long time, the slight of my hand is now a quick pull—trigger..

reason with (my?) cigarette: say, your hair’s on fire! must have lost your wits.

(adrift dreamers? consciously predatory)  (if so, how then are some dreamers anchored?)

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am i the conscious expression of not-conscious mothers and fathers?

reading krugman here, i think i can understand the author a bit deeper..

“When future historians write about the fall of the American Republic” . . .

i disagree.  americans are spoonfed from birth the notion of their own global supremacy.  its in our founding documents and wholly availed by the advertising industry.  we are a constitutional people.  the only constitutional people.  therein lies a very deep and dependable undercurrent.  it is reflected in art all of the time.  we are family, and welcoming.

home penetrating, foreign marine landings seem fantastical.  our fences are nuclear. (can it be agreed that nuclear weather  cleans the slate, and renders the question irrelevant?  are nuclear warheads the good fences that make good neighbors?)  short of a 4k mi effective marine landing (  10?, 50? million person army, overwhelmingly and superiorly equipped?), and absent global nuclear cleansing and/or planetary, atmospheric inhabitable circumstances, the history of our species will be written by self ascribed Americans.

the primary export of the u.s. is its own image as conceived by foreign consumers..  this might primarily if not entirely involve cultural adaptation..  adaptation not assimilation.  (it is this deeply buried culture that has me wondering.  are these passed through dna?  in my dreams?)   is it a peaceful image? it should be.  cannot “well sorted” be the natural state of things.  a blend of techocratic and diplomatic.

americans have institutional memory of global survival.  (gift of dream guiders/protectors?).  at the imagined, possible precipice of calamitous circumstance, i think i believe that the individulas of our (American) “family” will look beyond their selfs and to others for a reason to live  (read unavoidable, overwhelming suffering), thus ensuring the survival of the species.   ((billions of dreamers have layed down to bed within our borders.))

{but, were not natives stomped by these dreaming, conscious Americans?  (where did that come from and where is it going?)}

were the species to face true questionable survival…  and if the conscious, human, global power (should be “brain” in my opinion) trust manages to preserve (not just manage to not destroy, but to actively promote) a habitable environment within the membrane of this planet’s atmosphere… then a good chance of  peaceful adaptation might materialize.  hopefully preserving the conscious quest into the universe.


is every story and conception of god simply a reflection of that same individual hope, inner trust of an open future?

(is it obvious that people will forever, peacefully ((or does the nature of the story of our rise imply that a new host must be selected for the species to survive.)) venture consciously into the universe.)

((perhaps human communities arise while conscious individuals sleep.  does it suggest some sort of unconscious (not-conscious)  competition for conscious dreamers?)  (smacks of good and evil, if it is the conscious dreamers who must be won.  good old fashioned propoganda!)

!!!!not-conscious mothers/fathers faithfully employing conscious, dreaming stock/flock to ensure genetic perpetuance?!!!!????


no, i think the challenge might be beared by the conscious.  the mothers and fathers foster conscious memory, a sort of self-guidance. (there seems to be an inseparable connection).  consciousness might just arise from the dreamer’s unconscious acquaintances.

(((how big are dreaming communities?)))

am i the conscious expression of not-conscious mothers and fathers?  and to what extent?


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sleep is sacred.  keeping sacred places of sleep, as the practice consumes 1/3 of your organism’s life, is very important.

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of dreams

dreams might guide the memory of of our experiences.

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