i think that consciousness is the seed of a soul’s growth.


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after a night of dreaming

do we remember things after a night of dreaming to our benefit?

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man is selected

within earths membrane, man is the most feared and adapted predatory organism.

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The baptism of Abrahamic religious dogma

i feel as though the primary focus of abrahamic religious dogma is to deflect my spending time thinking about the self-imposed fences/boundaries that it asks me to create, maintain, and evangelize.

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Death of the confidence fairy

read about the death of the confidence fairy, by krugman here.

The idea was that the confidence fairy would come in and reward [European] policy makers for their fiscal virtue.

The good news is that many influential people are finally admitting that the confidence fairy was a myth. The bad news is that despite this admission there seems to be little prospect of a near-term course change either in Europe or here in America, where we never fully embraced the doctrine, but have, nonetheless, had de facto austerity in the form of huge spending and employment cuts at the state and local level.

So, about that doctrine: appeals to the wonders of confidence are something Herbert Hoover would have found completely familiar — and faith in the confidence fairy has worked out about as well for modern Europe as it did for Hoover’s America. All around Europe’s periphery, from Spain to Latvia, austerity policies have produced Depression-level slumps and Depression-level unemployment; the confidence fairy is nowhere to be seen, not even in Britain, whose turn to austerity two years ago was greeted with loud hosannas by policy elites on both sides of the Atlantic.

None of this should come as news, since the failure of austerity policies to deliver as promised has long been obvious. Yet European leaders spent years in denial, insisting that their policies would start working any day now, and celebrating supposed triumphs on the flimsiest of evidence. Notably, the long-suffering (literally) Irish have been hailed as a success story not once but twice, in early 2010 and again in the fall of 2011. Each time the supposed success turned out to be a mirage; three years into its austerity program, Ireland has yet to show any sign of real recovery from a slump that has driven the unemployment rate to almost 15 percent.

However, something has changed in the past few weeks. Several events — the collapse of the Dutch government over proposed austerity measures, the strong showing of the vaguely anti-austerity François Hollande in the first round of France’s presidential election, and an economic report showing that Britain is doing worse in the current slump than it did in the 1930s — seem to have finally broken through the wall of denial. Suddenly, everyone is admitting that austerity isn’t working.

The question now is what they’re going to do about it. And the answer, I fear, is: not much.

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are we a hand drawing a hand?

the dreamscape, F1 filter:

see Joe Saward here.

a TV crew will always film where the water is deepest in a flood.

 so much of our story focuses on the 1%, the most striking, the pinnacle, most active/generative of the happening(event?).

perhaps something, any sort of happening, that lasts more than a couple of days on the mind’s immediate plate, a lasting memory of sorts, is one which mimics art more than it invalidates it.

i suspect we visually see through a similar filter.

what’s that? growth in a non-goal-directed process (biological evolution)??  (big T truth organically growing).  a work of art effectively molding reality to fit circumstance?

or work with the piece of art till it is no longer is of any value, then bid up the price of the next revolutionary piece.  wow, T.S.Kuhn, we meet.  (but the idea of $ investment in science?)

(do we remember things after a night of dreaming to our benefit?.)

(can we see whatever it is we intend to see?) (is the universe of clay?  or are we really the hand which draws a picture of a hand drawing itself?)

why the ever present gate to bigger understanding?  the key.  where does it come from?  why is it there?

what is a key? what is a lock?  why a gate?  who/what (ultimately who) tends it and keeps it from whom??

is it only my good neighbor’s fence?

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if the president of the united states were to really communicate with a foreign nation’s head

if the president of the united states were to communicate with a foreign nation’s head…

rather than through traditional diplomatic channels, he chose to deliver his message through spook moles, unarmed, up through the chain of command.  this message was delivered in a very personal time and space.  message bearers then vanished into the bush.  a secret meeting for all parties.

the person of interest was given a well reasoned statement of intent followed by a list of possible public gestures he/she could make to indicate acceptance/denial of propositions laid out in the former.

a secret meeting for all parties.   he/she in comfortable clothes in a quiet place.

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